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jeudi 25 janvier 2018

Safe online surfing : awareness campaign

Les élèves de 4°2 ont réalisé des pancartes pour afficher en salle N31.
Le but était de sensibiliser leurs camarades à une utilisation saine d’internet et des réseaux sociaux. Tout ça, en anglais !

lundi 22 janvier 2018

"Arles in English" : Group 2, visit !

On Thursday 11th, the pupils from Group 2 visited the "Musée Bleu" in English, with their American guide, Janice.

She introduced 15 masterpieces and the pupils had to choose which one was their favorite.

They also interviewed Janice, asking her questions they had previously prepared. They did their best to play the role of "journalists" !

This outing was a real success, everyone enjoyed it !

jeudi 14 décembre 2017

Group 2 "Arles in English". The beginning of the adventure !

Today was the first day for Group 2 and their project "Arles in English".

Mrs Deleu exposed the project to the pupils, who quickly started to reserch the topic on the Internet.
Indeed, in order to prepare the visit of the "Musée bleu", they have to know more about the subject !

See you soon !

vendredi 8 décembre 2017

Group 1 "Arles in English". The end of the adventure !

Pupils from Group 1 ended their project by illustrating their presentations with comics, drawings.
These pictures will decorate the booklet "Arles in English", created by the pupils.

It was a very pleasant trimester with these 10 pupils !

mercredi 15 novembre 2017

"Arles in English" : Group 1, visit !

On Thursday 19th October, pupils from Group 1 (option langues) did a guided tour in the city center of Arles, with guide Janice Lert and their teacher Mrs Deleu.

They first visited the Roman Theater, where they listened to the guide. Then, Léa, Lorie and Assia played the role of the guides and revealed their work to their friends and to the guide.

Secondly, the whole group visited the Amphitheater, where Pablo, Laurent and Antoine read their notes about the monument. The view from the top of the "Arènes" was wonderful !

Finally, they all went to the Baths of Constantine, where Fatima talked about the history of this monument. The visit was really interesting !

Unfortunately, the Cryptoportico were closed on that day, which was truly disappointing for Margot, Romane and Diane, who had worked on this monument. They nevertheless read their notes to the rest of the group.

Thank you very much to Janice Lert, who’s helping Mrs Deleu a lot to make this project come true !

mercredi 8 novembre 2017

"Arles in English", Group 1. Evolution !

Group 1 of 4ème option Langues (English) is working to prepare the visit of the city centre, on Thursday 19th.

Margot (4°2), Diane (4°6) and Romane (4°2) are working on their presentation about the Cyptoportico.

Fatima (4°2) is studying the Baths of Constantine.

Antoine (4°), Pablo (4°2) and Laurent (4°2) are preparing a report about the Amphitheatre.

Lorie (4°5), Léa (4°5) and Assia (4°5) are working on their Powerpoint about the Roman Theatre.

We can’t wait to meet Janice Lert, our American guide !

dimanche 4 juin 2017

Radio-Log 8

In this new programme presented by Arhtur and Elias, you’ll know more about Les Marseillais with Gabriel and Joshua. Léon Pol says a few important words about the tragic situation of homosexuals in Chechnya. Lili and Clotilde speak about the oral presentation of their working experience week, and also discuss the film A voix haute. Mathilda and Manon explain the new brevet. You can then listen to some advice given by our two radio presenters.

mardi 9 mai 2017

Radio-Log 7

This week, with Arthur and Elias, you’ll hear about a trip to Spain (Clotilde and Lili), recycling (Josh and Leopold), a graphic artist (Lili and Arthur) and an interview of Matt.
There were a few problems with the sound recording, but we had no time to start it again (and Mondays are sparse this month !)

vendredi 7 avril 2017

Radio-Log 6

A new dynamic team led this week by Elias and Arthur : Manon and Mathilda tell us about the literary project Babélio - Clotilde, Lili and Gabriel talk about their "stage de 3ème" at a vet’s - Léon-Pol reminds us of a TV news programme with pupils in 4ème, to which himself participated - finally we discover Joshua’s performances in kick boxing.
This radio programme was a one-shot recording ! Woah !!!

mardi 4 avril 2017

Support the Resistance ! Distribute our leaflets !

Dans le cadre de la session 2015/16 du Concours National de la Résistance et de la Déportation dont le thème était "Résister par l’art et la littérature", les élèves de la 3e3 de l’an passé ont produit des tracts en anglais. Voici le film présentant les productions réalisées et lues par les élèves.

Radio-Log 5

For this new programme presented by Elysa and Andréa, you’ll learn a few things about skiing with Enzo and Jules, and about Valentine’s day with Louise, Oumaima and Louise. The girls and Vladimir have also interviewed our language assistant Matthew about the Brexit and D. Trump. Finally, you’ll hear Maria and Ursule speak about the grammy awards.

mardi 28 mars 2017

Silly rules

Les élèves de 6ème ont été amenés à créer des affiches en anglais sur le thème SILLY RULES (règles stupides), avec un lieu choisi. Voici les productions en 2016 et 2017.

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JPEG - 62.1 ko
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JPEG - 46.7 ko
JPEG - 37.5 ko
JPEG - 42.9 ko
JPEG - 45.2 ko

lundi 13 mars 2017

The Ampère News

The TV news made in 2016 by the 4ème. Learn more about it soon in the new radio programme...

Put yourself in the shoes of a famous Indian chief !

Dans le cadre d’une séquence sur les Amérindiens, les élèves de 3e1 et de 3e3 ont été amenés à produire des audio-guides dans lesquels ils incarnent un célèbre chef indien des Grandes Plaines. Voici deux exemples de leur belle implication !

samedi 4 février 2017

Radio-Log 4

For this new program with a new team, you’ll hear Elysa and Andréa introducing a few subjects : Maria and Ursule explain why they have chosen to participate in the reading club. Enzo and Jules say a few words about the advent calendar. Vladimir tells us about his love for the music band Daft Punk. Louise, Louise and Oumaima speak about the "stage de 3ème". Finally, all the would-be journalists ask some questions to our English assistant Matthew.

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